A Field of Dreams for Healthcare Innovation

A Field of Dreams for Healthcare Innovation 

Recently, I have learned about a new community that is being constructed in Nevada called Union Village. It is more than a plan, but soon to become a model for innovation in community-based healthcare delivery.  It is an inspiration of what is possible when thought leaders representing all corners of the healthcare market space and care continuum, land/community development, architecture, politics and unions come together with all their respective paints and techniques to create a new picture for the future.

Union Village is being built in Henderson Nevada. It is an Integrated Health Village that will be a model of state-of-the art technology and environmental sustainability featuring a world-class healthcare center integrated into retail, entertainment and cultural centers as well as “smart” senior and residential communities to produce 17,000 (direct, indirect and construction) jobs and a dynamic economic engine generating nearly $10 billion in tax revenues over 25 years.  It will create new sources of revenue and margin improvement for healthcare providers, while providing union retires and their families with a community setting focused around living life to its fullest. Does this sound too good to be true?  Maybe, but believe me, it is real.  As I write this, dirt is being moved on 170 acres of land where the Village will be created.

Like automobiles that are designed to reflect certain performance and efficiency standards, the US healthcare system has been designed, or maybe allowed to evolve, to produce what it produces and cost what it costs. Imagine what your car would be like if it were designed in a similar manner. It would be unsafe, terribly expensive, have no gauges to monitor speed or fuel consumption, get two miles to the gallon, emit large amounts of CO2 and break down every week.

From the silos of their individual interests and bias, stakeholders ranging from politicians to physicians have sought solutions. On the healthcare delivery front, there continues to be deeply embedded barriers to innovation among healthcare administrators, clinicians and insurers. Consider this contrast–while healthcare reform has become an embarrassing example of political dysfunction that some are looking for our Supreme Court to resolve, the conservative Republican Governor of Nevada and the Democratic Senate Majority Leader stand should to shoulder in their support for Union Village.

How could this be possible? Simple. Build it and they will come. And best in class strategic partners have indeed signed on to make this a reality.

Rather than seeking to fix the dysfunctional economic, cultural and clinical systems that have been created through years of cobbled fixes, Union Village will succeed as it has been designed and engineered to a distinctly different set of specifications, all centered around building a community where the health, wellness, learning, entertainment of its residents paramount.  The possibilities of achieving this, while realizing a vibrant economic engine in a depressed geography will be realized.  Why? Because thought leaders were invited into an environment where they could not only be heard, but were expected to learn together.

I invite you to consider the possibilities for the development similar affiliated communities, as they are many.

While many contributed, and others will to the realization of vision of Union Village, every team has a natural leader. David Baker is an exceptional person who brings diverse development experiences, personal vision and passion, combined with inclusive and humble leadership to this project.

I encourage you to visit Union Village to learn more.  Do not expect a slick and elegant marketing-oriented website. It just tells a story. And of course, contact me to learn more at email hidden; JavaScript is required.