Align Strategy with Culture and Brand

We were contacted by the newly appointed President and CEO of a $2B business. Previous to his arrival, the Board of Directors had approved a plan to turnaround this failing subsidiary operation to stage the company for a sale, or merger. The new executive quickly realized that while the proforma was compelling, the strategy lacked a road map detailing the sequencing and accountabilities for business transformation.

We worked directly with this leader, and members of their leadership team to develop the game plan that included the redesign of business processes, roles, structures and underlying technologies. We partnered with a member of the leadership team to lead the accelerated change/turnaround program, modifying plans along the way to ensure the destination was reached.


18 months later this business had turned a loss into a $40M profit.

Improve Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness

The CEO of a global services business was frustrated by the increasing cost associated with staff areas and the conflicts between operating leaders and leaders of most staff areas. In previous staff and line roles, this executive had experienced this dynamic, yet now as the leader they had no choice but to address a level of dysfunction that was unacceptable.

We worked with this leader and the heads of the Legal, HR, and Finance organizations to build and implement an assessment of cost/quality that was compared to appropriate benchmarks of value. As we began our assessment we balanced dispassionate analyses with sensitivity to those who were resistant to change, if not defensive. Our client expected this balance, as well as our candid perspective on not only the work, but those leading the work.

A new organizational structure was adopted. New strategic management processes were put in place and some different executive talent was brought to the table. Resources were reallocated to line operations where appropriate, and the quality of staff support materially increased as determined by subsidiary operating leaders.


All changes were implemented and overall expenses were reduced by 26%.

Leadership Alignment and Development

The CEO of a multi-billion dollar business called to discuss significant issues that were created by the appointment of a new leader in a very important regional operation. The new leader found themselves challenged by being in a difference culture and her on boarding experience was lacking.

We were engaged to advise this new leader. We built and facilitated on-boarding plan, provided this leader with self assessment tools and work with her on his professional development plan. We supported the development of his new team through a series of meetings focused on identifying highest business priorities and mapping how this group would work differently to deliver on expectations.


Within one year, this business was exceeding budget performance by 22%.

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