How to Find Joy in Frequent Flying…..Really!

I just came home from my last business trip in 2013.  Logged 137,500 miles, most of which were domestic. I have lots of frequent flyer award points in my account, as I can’t use them as fast as they accumulate. So, something very special happened to me this week. I was in the back of a car being transported from a Chicago Hotel to O’Hare. My meetings were really great and I was feeling so grateful for my relationship with the top 30 executives of this client. My driver was a very positive and extremely professional woman. I asked her to tell me her story and she did.

She was one of 16 kids of a single mom. She raised some of her siblings, 4 of her own kids by herself after her husband died and now is working on some of the grandchildren, all while driving for a living. I asked her if Santa was in the car, what she would ask for. Her response—“ a vacation as I have never had one”.

Well, I instantly knew how to respond. I gave her my card and offered to gift her domestic air travel in 2014 using just a few of my banked points. She didn’t know what to say at first. She asked me who I really was and I told her a bit of my story, and most importantly how reward points work. She understood more yet was still uncomfortable. I then asked her if I was driving and she were in the back seat and our stories were reversed what she would do. She smiled and said “the same thing you just did”.

I know there is many ways we frequent travelers can gift our mileage awards. However, getting to connect personally with the receiver is one of the greatest gifts the giver can receive.

In 2014 I challenge you to find just one stranger with whom you can experience what I did. Whoa—it made my week and and it will yours.

I am so grateful for the gift of giving. Thanks Santa!

Happy New Year!