Ensuring Strategies are Implemented

I have never been a fan of team building experiences that are not connected to the task at hand. They just seemed artificial. Having said that after years of helping leaders align strategies with organizational reality, the following observation continue to be reinforced in my work:

  1. Teams form best when people have real work to do together;
  2. The most innovative and value-added work happens in the “white space” between boxes on the organization chart;
  3. Knowledge and ability to leverage the differences/preferences of team members is the key to every teams success;
  4. Self-awareness is the essential starting point; and
  5. Our roles as leaders, coaches, and colleagues is to help others be successful.

While seemingly obvious, many do not make the time to learn about how these realities can accelerate the implementation of strategies that require all to be speaking with one voice and rowing in the same direction. Knowing individuals’  preferences for thinking, decision-making and leading is the key to uncorking the diversity of groups by pushing unnecessary interference that comes from bad assumptions about others to the side and focusing on the real work that needs to get done.

I have recently redesigned two versions of an executive team building experience that can be conducted in 1/2 or full day sessions. When combined with planning or business operations review meetings that allow for immediate application of learning the impact is lasting.

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